Aircraft Sketch Shooter - Demo and DRM Free Version

Aircraft Sketch Shooter Demo and DRM Free Version  is now Available on Itchio

Today we are Launching the Release Demo Version of Aircraft Sketch Shooter.

In the Release Demo Version of Aircraft Sketch Shooter you can Test and Play the Game at the first Airfield with One Aircraft.

Aircraft Sketch Shooter by Stusse Games (

DRM Free Version:

Also available on Itchio now is a DRM Free Version of Aircraft Sketch Shooter. Your Purchase comes now with a Steam Key and a DRM Free Version of the Game. So Steam is no longer required to Play the Game.

The Demo and Game  is also Available:

Steam: Aircraft Sketch Shooter bei Steam (

GameJolt: Aircraft Sketch Shooter by Stusse Games - Game Jolt

Who we are:

Stusse Games - Simplicity and Fun - ( was founded by Irene - Twitter: @Irenegalz and Alex - Twitter : @DerDerErIst1, a Couple that want to Create and Make Awesome Games.

Follow us for more Awesome Games: Stusse Games - Twitter: @Stussegames

Rework of the Promotion Pictures:

We reworked the most of our Promotion Pictures for the Game. Since the Old ones been Kinda Boring we tried to improve the Overall Quality of the Pictures to make them look more Interesting.

This also will ensure that we have the same Appearance for the Game on all the different Plattforms Aircraft Sketch Shooter is published.

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Aircraft Sketch Shooter DRM Free Version 152 MB
Feb 04, 2021
Aircraft Sketch Shooter Release Demo 152 MB
Feb 04, 2021

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