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Aircraft Sketch Shooter

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The Game slowly gets into a good State, but there is still alot to do and room for Improvements

In our todays Playthrough, which takes quite some Time we decided to make now a List instead of Fixxing every single Issue that comes up.

In our Playthrough we played all 10 Regular Airfields. On the Way we discovered alot that needs to be done.

  • There is still Room for Quality Improvements.
  • The Difficulty still needs to be Adjusted in different Moments of the Game.
  • Some Mandatory Changes that needs to be made in the User Interfaces.
  • And of Course the Bugs we discovered needs to be Fixxed.

Here is the Todo-List until the next Playthrough.

Quality Adjustments

Global : Quality : Collision with the Field Hills needs a Bigger Explosion and louder Sound for more dramatic Effect.
Global : Quality : Change Mini Boss Powerup Name to Gunship Call
Global : Quality : Only play Single Sound when Shooting with Special Shot

Airfield 2 : Quality : Boss needs smaller Engine Failure Effect
Airfield 3 : Quality : Let the Boss Fly furter out at Phase One
Airfield 9 : Quality : Boss Thruster Sound
Airfield 9 : Quality : Boss Rocket Start Sound and Explosion Sound

Difficult Adjustments

Global : Difficult : Reduce the Laser Damage slightly

Airfield 2 : Difficult : Up to Wave 4 needs 2-3 More Enemies
Airfield 2 : Difficult : Increase Boss Screen Speed Slightly
Airfield 4 : Difficult : Boss gets to Slow at low Life
Airfield 6 : Difficult : Between 7 and 9 to much Enemies
Airfield 7 : Difficult : Increase the Respawn Number of Boss Protector in Phase 2
Airfield 8 : Difficult : Wave 1 - 4 Feels very Empty
Airfield 9 : Difficult : Wave 1 - 4 Feels Empty
Airfield 9 : Difficult : Boss has to be Tougher

UserInterface Changes

UserInterface : Highscore : Change Meters to Kilometers
UserInterface : Level : Change Airfield with Wave Text

Known Bugs

UserInterface : Level : Bug : Level 10 Game Ending Texts gets shown Twice

Global : Bug : Kilometers Traveled doesnt get correct Counted
Global : Bug : Message Popup increases their Size over Time
Global : Bug : Rocket Shot Power Up Spawns even Player has already 3
Global : Bug : When Special Shot is collected 3 Times no Weapon Power Ups Spawns

Airfield 2 : Bug : Not Fixxed : Boss just Dies
Airfield 4 : Bug : Boss Changes his Life when reach 50% to 20%
Airfield 8 : Bug : Boss HealthBar Disappear after 1 Boss died in Phase 2
Airfield 9 : Bug : When Boss is Death and Retry or Next Level is Called and the RocketMark Sprites remain on the Field

Airfield 10 : Bug : Boss turns After 50% Life in Phase One and cant Exit the Airfield, Boss can be killed and Game Ends Regularly

So, this will take a bit Time.

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