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Zeus Unite Game Core

The Zeus Unite Game Core is a Unity asset and template for a game setup.The Event-Driven Pattern Core system can be connected to existing game logic or used to quickly and easily create your own game logic.

With Ready to Use Scene Templates like Intro, Main Menu and Game Level. The Game Core provides with his full Graphic and Audio Settings Controller a AAA Quality Start Point for any Type of Game while being ready for Built-In-Pipeline and the Universal-Renderer-Pipeline. (HDRI Not Tested)

Different Fader provides smooth transitions between Scenes to give a AAA Quality Look. Animations, Fader, Interfaces can be Customized with your own preferences. An easy to use Setup will Guide you through the Basics.

The System is independent and can be Added inside any  Unity Project,  Existing or New Ones. It can be easily Integrated in existing Projects and Mechanics can be hooked up to the  Simulation  Event Driven Game Controller to Start and End the Game.

The Zeus Unite Game Core comes with roughly 450-500 carefully crafted executable Lines of Code and is a Powerful Game Kit for any Unity Game Project.


Simulation Core

Scene and GameState Controller

Settings Controller

Audio Controller

Graphics Controller

Time Manager



Intro Scene

Menu Scene

Game Scene

Zeus Unite

Zeus Unite offers Unity Editor Extensions around Databases. The studio creates useful Unity editor information and material for free on the Zeus Unite Website.

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