Introduction of Zeus Unite - Dice Generator

Zeus Unite - Dice Generator is a tabletop dice rolling tool. The asset can be used to play tabletop and RNG games that require dice, percentage rolls and alphabetical random rolls.

The system is open source and comes with a callback system that can be used to incorporate the mechanic into your new or existing project, as it is easy to integrate and should have no compatibility issues with other assets or systems.

The dice generator uses the Unity Engines Random Range method to simulate random numbers, percentage outputs, and random letters.

The callback system rolls for a specified time before processing the random result back.

Main Features

  • Randomizer Demo Scene
    • Randomize Dices
    • Randomize Percentage
    • Randomize Alphabetic
  • Randomize Callback System
    • Callback Dices
    • Callback Percentage
    • Callback Alphabetic

Available on GitHub

Zeus Unite - Dice Generator is also available on GitHub, Open Source. 

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Support Integration

  • Online Manual
  • Documented
  • Open Source Code
  • Discord and EMail Support (Free Assets only receive Minor Support)

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Zeus Unite

Zeus Unite offers Unity Editor Extensions to improve the workflow inside Unity. The studio creates useful Unity editor information and material for free on the Zeus Unite Website.


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