Kingdom Army Slayer

is an Incremental, Idle Game with some Clicking Elements. You need to Increase your Army Size and fight other Armies. Invest  Attribute Points,  Get Equipment and boost  your Army with Skills  you can learn!

How to Play

  • Start Game
  • Train your Army to beat the Enemy  Armies
  • Spend your Attribute Points with Level Up
  • Unlock Skills and Level Up those Skills with Money
  • Gather Equipment when Enemy gets Destroyed and Equip them to your Classes.
  • Reset Game, keep your Attributes, Equipment and Achievements to get stronger.


Kingdom Army Slayer was created for the Mini Jam 95: Chance - , Limitation was to build a Game without Randomness, in 3 Days.  The Theme was known before and i planned certain aspects for the  Game ahead.

Chance without randomness, that is the theme and limitation. In Kingdom Army Slayer you have a chance to click on the UI wings on the army panels, they turn red once triggered. It is triggered after an army type kills another army type, then you have 2 seconds chance to click on the red wings to collect the equipment.


Using Icon Assets:

Recycle Assets: 

For Audio were using  our 5  Minutes Audio Setup to implement a Audio Controller to adjust Volumes. Take a Look its Free for Unity:

Easy Audio - Unity Audio Settings in 5 Minutes by Stusse Games (

Fantasy Heroes 4D - For the Fighting Warriors , A Asset we  bought in  the past.

Stusse Games Discord Server

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorStusse Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Fantasy, Idle, Incremental, Medieval, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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i think reseting is broken? I sure am stronger now since i pretty much rushed through to stage 11, but i barely get any exp resulting in me still being lvl 1 unabled to purchase upgrades or even get new units 

Thanks for your Message and Interest in the Game

We gonna take a look about the Reset. We gonna update the game within this Month to fix some Bugs and improve it.


the fighting part of the game stops working properly at lvl 30.  and the only equip that drops is armor.  all other parts of the game seem to work.