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You are a traveling explorer who has traveled to a distant land that is infested with demonic invaders. Their magic has twisted the landscape itself so that no one knows where anything is anymore. With your help, the invaders can be forced back into the hell from which they came. The landscapes around you are changing. As an explorer, you must find the secrets and eliminate all the demons on your way.

Explorers of the Lost "Page" is originally a solo role-playing game by Nicholas Fletcher. Originally developed as a physical tabletop role-playing game, we liked the idea so much that we have now turned Nicholas Fletcher's idea of Explorers of the Lost Page into a standalone computer game.

Original TTRPG Game: Explorers of the Lost Page by qwertyu63 (itch.io)

Explorer of the Lost is a Small Table Top Inspired Game. You Roll Dices to Progress inside the World of the Explorer. Find the Secrets and Unlock all Achievements.


Dice Randomized RPG

Character Progress 

Items and Shops 

More then 20 Achievements to Unlock

Dice Based Battle System 

Dice Based Random Map

Created with Love

Ton of Voice Acting

The game play time is +30 Minutes

Rules Changes

These game changes are designed to give the player goals to achieve within the game to keep the game drive and a sense of self-competition! These rules are suitable for physical play and are integrated into the PC version.

Defeated Demons and Clan Kill Counter

Days Passed

Is a Demon Defeated Cross the Demons Event.
Is the Demon Clan Defeated Increase Clan Kill Counter.

In Case you Roll the Event Number of a Defeated Demon you can Reroll the Dice, or Scout and Move to another Area.
Every Major Action pass a Day Exploration Time.

Some Actions might take longer then One Day.

Flee from a Demon

Major Actions

To make the PC game less difficult, we have added an escape mechanic to the game so that the player can escape if they do not damage the demon.
After a Battle Round if you haven’t wounded the Demon, you might wanna Flee from the Demon, Loosing 1 Gold if you have more then 0 Gold and Roll a D6. If the Dice Roll is 5 || 6 add a Black Dot to the Demon you Flee from.
Scouting: 1 Day or 3 Days
Move to Land: 1 Day
Fight a Demon: 1 Day
Gather Resources: 1 – 2 Days
Buy a Item: 1 Day
Rest: 2 Days

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Stusse Games WebsiteGenleland WebsiteZeus Unite Website

The Game, Website and Products Around Explorers of the Lost contains various Icons from


Authors: Lorc, Delapouite & contributors License: CC BY 3.0

The Game and Speeches Include Music and Context 

by Emily - RollForFantasy.com

Enjoy Explorer of the Lost


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Demon Encounter Audio Speech (Audio Wave File) 36 MB
Explorer of the Lost, Game Background Pictures (1792x1024) 35 MB

Development log


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Hello. If you're still interested, the official v2 of Explorers of the Lost Page has been released.

Hey, just saw it now, i will take a Look on it, as i had a lot Fun playing it


Great game and it is quite addictive. I been playing it all day. I have two suggestions to help speed up gameplay. One after defeating all the demons in an area it would great to just get all the resources rather than trying to keep rolling and rerolling until I get the 5 or 6 I need. Second I think it would save a bunch of time to be able to click to go to any area I scouted already instead having to kind of shuffle between the squares.

Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoy the Game.

The fact that you can collect all the remaining resources is an idea that I later came up with for our physical tabletop games.

The reason that you have to cycle through all the maps again is because of the days. Each time you go back to a land you've already explored, you get an extra day.

With that, developing an AI that takes the shortest path and calculate the Days, seems a little too much work for this type of game. But for future game development, we'll definitely keep that in mind.

Maybe for fast travel you can only travel in a straight line (not through water) but you have to take the maximum or average length of days to travel through it all. Actually the days mechanic is the one thing I didn't get in the game (maybe because I keep dying early LOL). What is the significance of keeping track of the days? Do you lose when too many days has elapsed?


Nice conversion of a TTRPG
Love the Sounds!