Else Died

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Else Died is a repetitive and incremental platform shooter. Enemies spawn in waves and try to get to the end point. Prevent them from doing so by shooting at them or running through them. Keep your energy for shooting, collect money and upgrade your weapon and achieve higher scores! Once All Waves are Done, it is just the Beginning, The same Waves can be done again, Enemies with more Live!

Game Jam Version was made during 6 Days each 10 to 14 Hours Work Time.

Open Source Info Project:

This project is intended to demonstrate a coding style that does not use the else statement. There is also not a single foreach and switch statement. There are only a few situations where it is really advantageous to use the else statement and require something else in the same function. The sense of the single responsibility principle in data and object-oriented programming with C# is otherwise lost.

What has the Code to Offer.

  • Data Oriented Design
  • A Simulation Controller from Unity (Refactored  without Else now)
  • No Else Statements in the Entire Codebase
  • No Foreach Loops  in use
  • No Switch Cases in Use
  • Easy Audio, Free Unity Asset for quick Audio Implementation

Quick Description:

While it is easy to write some code, it is often overshadowed by the code becoming more and more bloated and noisy.  There are simple ways to prevent this from happening in the first place, such as not using an else statement.

More Information can be found on our Website https://stusse-games.com/else-died/


This Unity Game project contains several assets from other authors. None of them reflect the opinion of this project, nor do they know about this project. The assets are used under CC0 license for decoration and demonstration purposes only.

Zeus-Unite/ElseDied: ElseDiedProject (github.com)

Gameplay Video:


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